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The Social Layer vs The Social Ecosystem

Google+’s is now part of the everyday social network lexicon. A number of brands have taken to try Hangouts as a way to connect with their customers. The ultimate customer panel? Perhaps. Brand business pages are now becoming a de facto part of the social media team’s marketing mix almost as a means to safeguard the brand or else jeopardize the integrity of the company at the expense of being brand-jacked.

How Do You Overcome Fear Of Social Media? Implement Social Business Practices

Customer insight can be gained in the most interesting of places, at a recent event, while sitting down and enjoying my pre-conference breakfast, my fellow conference attendees started asking me questions about the trails and tribulations of how to use and not use social media for their businesses. With commentary ranging from “Well how can social media lead to sales” to “how do you counter negative complaints through social media” to “social media is just akin to a highway traffic update sign, once you’ve seen it, the traffic up ahead has already changed.”

The Emergence of Social Care Within Social Business

Planes, trains and automobiles. Admittedly, haven’t use many trains in my travels but have taken my fair share of planes and in doing so have visited numerous airports of all shapes and sizes. Frankfurt International in Germany, Doha International, Dubai International, Birmingham, Dallas/Fortworth, John Wayne International Airport (yes, named after the John Wayne, in Orange County, yes that Orange County) even an island airport complete with a 30 sec ferry ride across the harbor to the island terminal.